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Kerala women unsafe in a patriarchal society

Kerala is one of the two states in India (the other is Puducherry) to have a higher population of females than males. It also takes the top position in female literacy but these statistics are not indicators that women are safe in the state. In fact, incidences of rape and assault on women in Kerala are highly reported. Two sensational cases of the 90s, called the Suyranelli and the Vithura cases, where minor girls were gangraped, are still languishing in the courts:

The comments of the politicians and the judiciary are grossly insensitive that exposes the biased mindset of a patriarchal society. The lawmakers and lawgivers believe men can do no wrong or can do just about anything. On February 9, Justice R Basant, the former Kerala High Court judge, who was part of the two-judge bench that tried the Suyranelli case in 2005 made shocking comments against the rape victim. The bench had ac…