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Casino Royale: Bond or Rambo?

Hey, It's Rambo in a Tux!

That about sums up the Casino Royale effect. Is it a genre shifting of Bond? It sure is. The makers have given the pure cool headed impeccable Bond who could come out of any situation wholly intact – as cool as a cucumber – the royal snub and instead is the miserable amalgam of Rambo and Bond. A bloody Rambo who does not do it the Rambo way and a very uncool Bond who does not get his Bond right. The new Bonding effect – all that gore and the less mint attitude- is disconcerting and hard to swallow.

The Big Chase

An African runs up the steel frames like a lizard nay a Steel Monkey (high rise jockey?) and you begin to wow the guy. Then you watch Bond in a floral shirt in hot pursuit and your jaw drops. Its not the style, but the lack of style that makes the jaw drop. Bond sloppily scrambles up after him- more like the canine in the Hutch ad. Tsk, tsk!

Cut to another scene- Bond chases the bad guys and smashes up his car real bad. And he deserves all the credit there. He does it single handedly with no help from the bad guys.

Her Classic Act

The world over, they have been revving the raves of the new Bond for a while now. And drooling over Eva Green as the Bond diva. The one emotional line she had to say: about Bond being more of a man even if only his little finger was left (whatever, don’t remember the exact words) comes out so constipated that it was pathetic. And at that precise moment Kochi audience Booed her and I loved them for it. Then Bond replies with a supposedly sexy line about his little finger and her reaction is downright silly.

The Famous Martinis

Forget his martinis. A messy Bond looks both shaken and stirred after each battle. What next? What are they going to do with this guy? Maybe a Mad Max image will help in the next flick!

The Viewer Trap

I asked a 17 year old viewer what he thought of the film.
He replied: The Best Bond movie ever!
I asked: How do you know that?
He said: I saw it.
Yes he did. At the bottom of every poster is the same line. They have us believe it is the best Bond movie ever.
Ah! The power of advertisement.


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