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The Arch Thing!

The Arch outside Govt. Law College, Kochi

In the beginning there was the thought and then the word and after word…
It was a time when history was a shapeless formless mass. It was a time when fact had not yet merged with fiction to create that colossal data of truthful biases. And at this critical time in the formation of history, there appeared in the sky an evanescent shape in the form of an arch. The rainbow was the covenant between God and Man, evanescent though it was, it gave the collective mind of man a sense of a permanent promise: The world will never be destroyed by the waters! The rainbow was the first symbolic arch to be ever put up.
About Ann ThenI have known Ann for a long time now- known her from the time she had snot on her jersey sleeves, egg and jam on her shirtfront and wore a faint `not had a bath smell' on her person.(I hope Ann, this makes you mad enough to make another trip to Kerala. This time to strangle me- good enough reason to come down!) The first time I…

Incestuously Yours

The term of endearment that Keralite women use, to call their husbands, is incestuous in nature. Chetta (brother) is at once seductive and respectful and is the most accepted honorific for the male spouse. Interestingly this term has now crossed the threshold of the public domain. And increasingly in the office space, the very mallu “Chetta” has replaced the colonial term for boss: “Sir”.Now strapped within the confines of a full time job, I am expected to address my boss as Chetta. The connotations are ludicrous and I cannot bring myself to go beyond the name or the sir business. Call it the colonial hangover if you must.
Ah! but someday in the near future, I visualize myself, picking up enough guts to put that very mallu honorific in place, and address my boss as chetta.