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How Green Is My River?

(Pix by Rajeev Prasad. Click on it to enlarge.)
Carpeted with weeds. How much greener can it get?
It's not just Kodoor River in Kottayam but most rivers in Kerala now wear the weedy look.

The language of Rain

Needs no Words.
(Munnar, Pix by Rajeev Prasad)

Conversations on MG Road

GleeThreatens to spill and smotherMy lucid mind. Gay laughter.Knocks at the hollows of my eyes.Back and forth. Like a ping pong ball.
Appall is taken aback.The driver of the three- wheeler too.Government’s sluggish orders: Crunch down encroachers.And 24 carat investments.The driver’s sorrow. The backseat laughter.We shock each other.
Fist against palm
Giddy mirth.Disapproval stealthily spies. It’s Bond.The driver too. Through the looking glass.“Here wrongs are legitimate.Road blocks tiresome. This midday carnival is years too late.”
The conscience has a sermon.Laughter no conscience.“It is a grand spectacle.Popcorn crunches. Live action.Politicians as actors.Administrators too. And the makeup man.
Cheese.” I say.