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Any reservations for backward states?????

Notice the tilt? Who's got the upper hand?

Most newspapers point out that it would cost the central government just about 8000 crores to get the infrastructure in place to increase student capacity in the existing centrally funded colleges to appease all sections of society.
And all this money is going back to the same centrally funded colleges in the same states.
Has Arjun ever considered reservation for the backward states? No. No. No. no no no

Reserve some time and read a little...
Even as the Central Government spearheads a policy for higher education tethered to reservations for an equitable India, what is shocking is the HRD Ministry's consistent negligence in allocating funds for higher education and for technical institutions to certain states since independence.
Digambra Patra (Department of Physics, Waseda University, Tokyo), a Japanese scientist of Indian origin, and professor Chitta Baral (Arizona University), who have analysed in detail the Union Government funding p…


The man who popped out of a gigantic egg and sang with ease such bombastic gibberish in the film Amar, Akbar, Anthony,"wait, wait,wait.... you see the whole country of the system is juxtapositioned by the haemoglobin in the atmosphere because you are a sophisiticated rhetorician intoxicated by the exuberance of your verbosity....''or played with equal ease the part of a brooding anti-hero in Namak Haram, or the jealous type in Abhimaanand more recently the sensitive teacher in Black, is the one-man industry `Bachchanwood' who has entertained the world for decades.

In Munnar, for the shooting of Ram Gopal Varma's "bold and different'' film Nishabd, Amitabh Bachchan chatted with a few journalists at Hotel Tea County late at night, after a hard day's shoot. The casual atmosphere in the room was only seemingly casual. Bachchan was in control as he led us down memory lane reflecting on the best and the worst periods of his career.
He joked, laughed and p…

The Man Called B

For a whole month, the press in Kerala just had no time for the man called Big B. They were busy with the heat and dust of election coverage. Then one fine day they woke up and rushed to meet him. It is amazing how many people think the same thoughts in a single day.
More on Big B....

Sreesanth, The Red Cherry, Seams And All

This guy is quite a cat. He Calls a press conference and sends in his mother to bowl the over. He now sports a new look for the Caribbean tour. The fiery baldness will further accentuate this six-footer's aggressive style: his glare, the pumping of his fists and his body language. And that's the best thing about Santhakumaran Sreesanth, one of Team India's most exciting pace bowlers. He has no qualms about displaying his idiosyncrasies or plain freaking out on the field. Some say he's weird, some say he's cool. Be it the different coloured sneakers for his test debut at Nagpur (black stripes on one shoe and red band on the other) or the jig he does when he gets a wicket; this feisty psychology student knows what it takes to get the striker's goat. And he will go to any lengths to intimidate the batsman.Religion is cool
The 23 year old bowler from Kerala is paradoxical to say the least. This religious youngster begins his day with the gayatri mantra and ends it w…