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The Legend called Rajnikanth

The story goes, now part of popular Tamil lore, there was a time in the 1990s when Rajni was literally under house arrest in his Poes Road bungalow. He had for his neighbour the chief minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa. It was her first time at the helm. Whether it was inadvertent or intentional only his whimsy neighbour Jaya will know for she had her way of doing things. Often, often, the story goes…her bodyguards, black cats and policemen would block Rajni’s way to clear the road for Amma’s smooth ride. He had to wait at home till she had left her house. Security reasons, you know, it cannot be helped. And the dear lady would take her sweet time while Rajni was caged in his own home. Perhaps, a small punishment for his political alignment.

Then Rajni did his thing. One fine morning, Rajni drove out of the gates. The inevitable happened. His car was blocked. No sweat, Rajni got out and sat on the car bonnet.

Then in characteristic Rajni style, he just combed his hair, and flicked i…

Heritage Preservation: Fort Cochin

Much ink has flowed in newspaper columns describing the mess - the mess we endeavour to preserve and showcase. Yes, that's what we do! And the dirt collects more enthusiastically.
The Chinese nets - Kochi’s most famous icon could soon be submerged under mesmerizing picnicking detritus.And the authorities of course do not even look the other way.
Here pictures tell the story. (Photos by Avran Ittyipe)

Fort Cochin Beach

Hey watch out!

Fort Cochin Beach

Chinese Fishing Nets: Remnants of a bygone trade. They have been greeting
visitors for hundreds of years.

Look at those nets closely. It may not be around too long.

Vasco da Gama Square in Fort Cochin.

Well, I Guess I Am Different

A rebel nut has curved its niche.
(Pix by Rajeev Prasad. Pix has been edited.)

Saving The Meal From The Drink

That's one hellava job when it monsoons here.
And Dude, you have one cool umbrella ad there!
(pix by Rajeev Prasad)

That Beautiful Country

OnceI was in a country Its language all too clearNow lodged in my memoryTwisted lime on the sore.
Terrain of drenched greensThis place of no shadowsWhere the verbs and the nounsEntwine in splendid verse
My laundry upon the rainbowThe moon yo-yoed thru' the dayMy chores were just silly songsMy feet in warm and scented herbs.
One dayI fled that lovely country and
The sun that dreams away the yearsLove, he said to me, in this place
You are cheaper than the whore.

Devoted to Devouring

After devouring the river, the weeds avariciously tentacle a country boat.
Kodoor river,Kottayam. (Pix by Rajeev Prasad)